WordPress 3.6: What’s new, and why it Batters

A New User Interface to Create Menus Many of users often found Menus confusing. WordPress 3.6 comes with a new and simpler user interface to create and edit menus for your website. It has two tabs, one for editing menus and another to manage locations. This new interface is easy to use, and i think […]

Disable Post Revisions in WordPress and Reduce Database Size

Post revisions is a great feature that WordPress has to offer but for some users it might not be the best option. For users who have limited database space, or for users creating WordPress as a CMS where they don’t need autosave, they can simply disable Post Revisions feature in WordPress by following this tutorial. […]

Enable Post Thumbnails in WordPress Theme

If you are creating a new wordpress theme from starting or you want to enable post thumbnail (Featured image) option. To do this, copy the below code and put into your theme’s “function.php” file. Now the thumbnail option is activated. Place the following code inside your loop where you want to display the thumbnail.